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The essence of travelling is change, an escape from daily dreadful routines. We swap complexity for simplicity, fast for slow living and security for adventure. Seeing new places, trying new things, meeting new people – it is all about change.

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Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro Brazil Vlog: The Brasileira Carioca way

August 1, 2017

Rio de Janeiro is one of THE most visited cities in South America and is known for its colorful Carnival, Samba, Bossa Nova and gorgeous beaches like Copacabana and Ipanema. Our Featured Face Travel Blogger Mireille Mali is currently in Rio de Janeiro Brazil! And after two weeks, she’s already feeling like a real Brasileira Carioca!

Brasileira Carioca

What’s a Brasileira Carioca, may you ask? This is a typical name for a girl from Rio! And yes, after two weeks, I really felt like one!


Rio de Janeiro


I have been traveling the world for a year now, and met people from all over the world. Brazilian people always touch my heart. I love their warm culture and their kind spirits. And since I’ve met so many of them along the way, I thought it was time to pay this amazing colorful country a visit!

Rio de Janeiro Vlog

Watch my new vlog to learn all about the highlights of this South American City!


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