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We’re SET. The creators of NUMI, The Smart Travel Backpack.

In a fast changing and highly mobile world, backpack design has not kept pace with technology. Therefore, we combined our passion for travelling and sustainable energy to create Numi. With Numi our main purpose is to make sure travellers get the most out of each journey by helping them stay fully charged, safe and organized on the road. 

At SET we are striving to show people the benefits of Solar Energy and we want to inspire them to integrate it in other parts of their life and become part of a valuable community that uses and promotes sustainability in their every day life. Because small changes eventually add up to huge results.

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Our story

SET is an innovative start-up from Belgium. Elaha Rafie began the company in January 2016, but its story goes back to a trip to Thailand. She realized that travellers struggle with being tied to power sockets, storage, and keeping their backpacks safe. She also wanted to make the environment more sustainable. This gave her an idea for improving the travel experience. And so SET was born.

Studio Dos Santos

a better life through smart design

Making life better by stripping down products to their bare essence, with a focus on functionality, durability and aesthetics. Studio Dos Santos creates gorgeous looking smart designs, meeting tomorrow’s demands.

‘’Products that make life better are the only ones making sense,’’ says Studio Dos Santos owner David Dos Santos.

By blending strategy, product development and user interface, the Antwerp based design studio creates useful, beautiful and highly innovative products.

‘’Simplicity is key in a world full of distractions, so we strip products down to their essence: great functionality and minimalistic aesthetics. ‘’This approach has gained Dos Santos multiple design awards and collaborations with leading brands, such as Coca Cola, Ikea and Maxi-Cosi/Dorel.

When designing, Studio Dos Santos’ starting point is the end user. ‘’We develop our products with their stories in mind: to accomplish a better user experience, great products need to contain emotional elements, creating a connection with its owner. This also leads to a higher return on investment’’.

Our team — Elaha Rafie (Founder), David Dos Santos (Designer) & LeSenz (Partner in electronics)

As keen travellers we value our freedom.

  • The freedom to travel wherever we want, fully charged.
  • The freedom to connect with our friends, families and businesses.
  • The freedom to choose clean energy.

Elaha's story

Hello travellers, backpackers, campers, weekenders and everyone else who loves the outdoors! I created SET to bring together my passion for sustainable travel and technology…and to make a positive impact on our environment. People often ask me why I started the company, so here’s how it all started.

Ever since I was 15, I’ve dreamt of travelling the world. So, I studied International Business, which lead me to visit many countries. I learnt a lot from all the different cultures and the experiences made me feel more alive. However, while I was travelling, I had some challenging experiences. Stolen wallets, dead batteries, not enough memory on my phone for all of my pictures and videos. I was also tied to Wi-Fi to stay connected with my friends and family. I knew I could have enjoyed my travels more. So, I came up with a product to solve these challenges.

With Numi, I want to change the way we travel. And also do something to make the world more sustainable. Often, we only get one chance to visit a new destination, so why not make the most of it?
Follow my journey with my company and together let’s change the way we travel!

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